Effective employee engagement through improved feedback and communication

Use our regular anonymous single question surveys to canvas your staff on the issues that matter to your company.

Every Voice Counts?

Every Voice Counts is an easy to use, powerful and cost-effective system which will increase staff engagement, provide realistic feedback and boost wellbeing rates for your company.

The concept is the brainchild of an IT expert in web-based software and an academic with over 25 years’ experience in psychological testing and data analysis.

Features of
Every Voice Counts

Encourage staff to be proactive and positive about your company
Regular surveying gives managers and employees the opportunity to reflect and communicate anonymously on issues impacting on their roles and the future of the business.
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A social wall for staff recognition – appreciating your colleagues
Staff can nominate up to three colleagues a week who have contributed to the workplace beyond their job remit. This recognition has a positive impact on morale, wellbeing and team spirit.
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100% anonymous feedback.
Some staff have understandable concerns about voicing robust opinions face to face. EVC allows them to make suggestions and respond to the surveys anonymously and for managers to not only listen, but act on this feedback. Companies can gauge employee opinion realistically and honestly.
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Questions can be from our own expertly chosen bank, or you can create your own.
The system has pre-defined questions specifically designed to probe the key issues in your business. However, you can choose to customise these questions to suit your industry or circumstance.
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Why use
Every Voice Counts?

Excellent staff engagement has numerous benefits for companies. Employees identify more with the vision and core values of the business. They understand the direction of travel and are more likely to commit to the company on a longer-term basis and potentially be positive influencers for recruitment.
Every Voice Counts is a low cost but high impact system. The system needs minimal administration time, but the rewards are potentially huge. A motivated, engaged and connected workforce are a key element of any successful business. EVC can deliver this for less than £250
Wellbeing advice
The wellbeing section of the site will offer up to date articles from across all media on this crucial area for all businesses. They are chosen for businesses by people who understand how crucial it is to be able to offer staff access to relevant knowledge quickly and effectively.

Common Questions for
Every Voice Counts Staff Surveys

Do you offer a trial?
Yes we can offer a free, no obligation 30 day trial of the EVC Staff Survey system. Please email us to get started and setup as soon as possible for your trial.
What happens when the trial ends?
We hope that by the end of the trial you will have seen the benefits of the EVC system in getting honest, anonymous feedback from your staff, and will want to continue using the system. We will contact you to discuss options, and to continue we will send you an invoice for the annual renewal.
Are you fully GDPR compliant?
Yes we are fully GDPR compliant, take a look at our Security & GDPR page for more information on this.
Are all the answers totally anonymous?
Yes, all responses, answers to surveys, suggestions and comments are 100% anonymous. This is core to everything we do at EVC - anonymity is the key to our whole system, so all staff can be totally honest in their replies.
Can you add your own question to staff?
Yes, each week before the next question is sent out, the system administrators for EVC will be sent a reminder which will show what the next planned question is. If they do not want to use this question, they can either change to a custom question, or skip that weeks question completely.
Is there a minimum number of staff required to use EVC?
Yes, we will not show results for any survey until at least 5 people have completed the survey question. So in reality this means we would expect to have at least a minimum of 10 staff for EVC to be a suitable system to use.